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“It was really unique and it’s like something I’ve never done before! It was really fun to make new friends. The astronomy thing was really cool. The people were really nice. I hope I can come back next year.”
“The backpacking trip was one of the coolest things I’ve ever done, and archery was realllllly fun.”
“It was really fun to ride the bikes on the pump track and nice how the trail crew would come out and ride with us.  I liked how we swam after hiking in the reservoir.”
“It was so great traveling down the Gunnison River with you and Colorado Canyons Association for a day. I had lots of fun with my freshman colleagues and just being able to go outside. It was fun to watch them discover a possible new passion. The guides were really great at keeping us safe and filling our stomachs.”   
“Thank you for the enjoyable time I had floating the river that was possible because of you. I learned a lot of things from this. I learned how to be a good partner so I could move the raft easily.”
“I’m glad that we talked about the prehistoric hunting site (Eagle Rock Shelter along the Gunnison), I did not know that that existed and found it very interesting. I also liked rafting in the kayak and going down the rapids.”
“My favorite part by far was hanging out with my people on the raft! Thank you for giving my peers and I this opportunity to see something we will never forget!”