Gear up with
The Nature Connection

Are you an educator or youth program leader in our community? If so, you can be eligible for low-cost gear lending to support getting kids and families outdoors.

Through surveys and discussions with community members we have identified three ways to break down the barriers to getting outside: Developing a rich array of year round Outdoor Programs for kids and families to build confidence and skills,  developing new Places close to communities and schools where kids, families and teachers can enjoy access to outdoor activities and programs, and offering job Pathways so that youth in our community can be the next generation of land stewards

Joining the “Gear to Go” Program

Educator Orientation

Attend an educator orientation in August

Training and Testing

View the training slides and requirements

Reserve Your Gear

Fill out the required registration form

Price Breakdown

See the pricing of our programs for this season

Do I qualify?

Requirements for Gear to Go program:


Must be a Delta County or Montrose County School District teacher or staff

Other local youth-serving organizations must have reciprocal liability insurance for any trips offered with TNC gear

Leaders must attend a “Gear to Go” orientation to use outdoor gear

Lending is subject to staff availability and TNC program needs

Outdoor trips must follow USFS, BLM or other agency guidelines and/or permit requirements

All participants must sign a paper or digital waiver from TNC

The Nature Connection is not a public gear rental company.

If you are interested in renting outdoor gear for personal use please contact one of our local business partners:

Examples of our “Gear to Go” Programs