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2019 Small Agriculture Internship @ Thistle Whistle Farm- Deadline May 10

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Interns will work with farm employees to perform and learn the functions of small-scale agriculture. Interns will assist with: milking animals and animal husbandry; watering, transplanting, and harvesting crops; collecting orders and assisting with sales, as well as leading educational activities such as farm tours. Interns will learn the value of high-quality farm goods — something that sets the North Fork Valley apart from other industry partners. Interns will learn to value the flavor and appearance of farmed goods and will learn the distinction
between large and small-scale agriculture.

Location: Thistle Whistle Farm, Hotchkiss

Pathways Opportunity: Internship
Qualifications: High school student; transportation to/from farm
location; communication of schedule will need to be coordinated
with farm owner

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